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  1. Borg Tattoo Machine - Bloody Series - Shader - RCA

Borg Tattoo Machine - Bloody Series - Shader - RCA


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Another limited run, the Borg Tattoo Machines feature bloody, dripping coils. All the quality you expect from a Borg Tattoo machine, plus a dripping-in-blood-take-home-to-mama design.

Borg Tattoo machines are made from the finest components money can buy and hand crafted to the tightest tolerances they can machine. They've been machining for 3 generations of Borgs. Borg test the crap out of them to make sure they meet the highest quality they can possibly offer.

  • Black Steel frame
  • Connection: Features an RCA adapter, so both clip cord and RCA can be used.
  • Weight: 190g

This tattoo machine has an extremely well balanced design. It offers great features like a copper contact screw, perfectly hand made 8 wrap coils. Liners are set up with .018 cutback front springs and .018 rear springs with a 33uf capacitor. Shaders are set up with .020 front spring and .020 rear springs with a 47uf capacitor. All the tattoo machines parts are made in Borg's shop. Borg Tattoo machines have a lifetime warranty, as long as nothing is altered. Warranty is non transferable.

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